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Blondes and Pools: The Real Culprit Behind Green Hair

Whether you are an all-natural blonde, a bleach blonde beach babe, or a highlighted Jennifer Aniston-type blonde; you know that prolonged pool time is your blonde hair’s worst enemy. With temperatures blazing in the high '80s and '90s and humidity soaring well above 50% in Miami this week, a cool refreshing dip in the pool is a summer-long temptation. Contrary to popular belief though, it is not the chlorine that is responsible for turning your beautiful blonde hair an old-penny greenish tinge. 

The culprit in the pool is copper! This hard metal is often found in city water, as well as in algaecides, which are commonly used in pools to fight algae build-up. The same way a copper-based ring will turn your finger green, microscopic copper flakes that get trapped beneath your protective hair cuticles will oxidize and turn green. Chlorine does play a role in speeding up the oxidation process of copper, though. 

So, how do you protect those luminous locks of yours from the color damaging minerals and chemicals in the pool? 

1.    Never jump in the pool with dry hair. Make sure you wet your blonde hair in the poolside shower before going for a swim. 

2.    Use a leave-in conditioner before going swimming to help seal your hair’s cuticles and prevent copper from getting trapped beneath. 

3.    Rinse your hair with a chlorine-removing shampoo like Kérastase’s delicious coconut smelling Soleil shampoo. (You can find this amazing collection at Paris Claire Salon.)

4.    Maintain your blonde hair’s overall health. Damaged hair is more likely to become more damaged and green by hard water and minerals. 

Another way to prevent mineral-induced hair damage that can happen at home is to install a water filter to your shower head. While blondes are definitely more susceptible to the dreaded green-hair effect, copper and pool chemicals are harsh on all hair types. Don't deprive yourself of cool pool dips and soaks on hot Miami days, just make sure you follow the above steps and your prized blonde hair should be fine! 

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