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21 Simple Self-care Practices During This Time of Seclusion

Self-care is the continuous practice of taking care of your mind, body—don't forget your hair!—and spirit.

For many of us, this type of care gets put on the back burner because everything else takes precedence (i.e., work, family, friends, house chores, errands, managing our finances, taking care of our pets, etc.). And, there is only so much time and so much that you can physically do in any one day.

But, now that we are all basically forced to stay home, what better time than now to dedicate some of that confined time solely to yourself? You deserve it!

Plus, many of these easy-to-do home practices are also beneficial to your emotional wellbeing, as well as a positive way to pass some time in your house as you ride out this pandemic.

Here are 21 simple ways to practice self-care during this time of seclusion

1. Take a bubble bath

2. Indulge in a deep-conditioning hair treatment

3. Apply a face mask

4. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure—maybe try that neon bright nail polish that you’ve been waiting for a fun occasion to wear!

5. Put on your most comfortable loungewear, brew a hot tea (add freshly grated ginger if you have it), turn your cellphone on silent, and crack open that book that’s been collecting dust on your nightstand

6. Try a guided mediation

7. Unroll your yoga mat and do an online class

8. Try a new recipe

9. Make a homemade dessert

10. Start a gratitude journal (every day write down what you are grateful for)

11. Sign-up for a Master Class or something that you’ve always wanted to learn

12. Break out the art supplies and let your creative side out of the box (or print out some intricate coloring pages and color—this practice is very therapeutic and meditative, and not just for kids!

13. Take a nap

14. Watch a David Attenborough nature series (Planet Earth I and II, Blue Plant I and II, Life, Seven Worlds One Planet, Our Planet, Frozen Planet, Africa)

15. Create a ritual

16. Make a photo album and reiminsence (try Shutterfly)

17. Make and enjoy a pitcher of infused water

18. Make some healthy elixirs/shots

19. Make a playlist of your all-time favorite songs, and then put on your headphone and turn up the volume

20. Put a blanket in your backyard and stargaze or cloud watch

21. De-clutter and reorganize (tackle one space or room at a time)

When we realize that we can’t control the uncontrollable, we can start to find ways to enjoy the time we are forced to take indoors and in our homes. Including one or a few of the above self-care practices into your day can help bring that joy into your temporary new norm.

Stay tuned on Paris Claire's Facebook and Instagram feed for great links and resources for one of the above self-care practices!

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