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Hair Cuticle Care: What to Know and What to Do

If your hair is dry, brittle, frizzy, frayed, unruly, or dull, it is likely because your hair cuticles are in a state of disarray. Each strand of hair is encapsulated by a protective protein-based cover, the cuticle. This outermost layer is made of keratin, which is a fibrous protein that is also found in your skin and nails.

When the cuticle is healthy, it is smooth and closed around the shaft of your hair, however when it is aggravated the cuticle ruffles and opens. When we subject our hair to regular high heat, chemical processes, and aggressive styling and brushing, we are damaging that protective layer. Once the scales that collectively make up the cuticle are damaged, the hair shaft it left exposed and susceptible to holes and breakage.

Hair that is void of or sparse with cuticles can take on a very unhealthy look. But, fret not! Even if you regularly color and heat style your hair, there are ways to prevent noticeable damage and ensure that your hair always looks sleek, shiny, healthy, and happy. Some simple practices and products can temporarily flatten and seal hair cuticles, fill in the gaps and holes in damaged hair strands, lock in moisture, and make your hair shine.

It's time for a change in how you care for your hair!

Making minor tweaks to your daily hair care routine and utilizing high-quality hair type-specific products can do wonders for the appearance of your hair! Here are four easy-to-follow tips to start your new hair cuticle care routine.

• Your hair has an average pH level of 5. Your hair’s happy range is between 4.5 and 5.5. When your hair is within this range, your hair cuticles can remain closed. If your pH level becomes too alkaline or your hair comes into contact with products or chemicals that are outside of that range, your cuticles will react by opening and raising. The best way to balance the pH of your hair is to use a pH balancing shampoo or weekly deep-cleaning and balancing hair treatment.

• At the end of your shower, do a final quick rinse with cool water to help flatten and seal your cuticles.

• If you are going to blow-dry your hair, make sure your blow drier has a hood on it to protect your hair from direct heat, and always point the dryer down. Once your hair is dry, use the cold air setting to seal your cuticles.

• Make sure you use a heat production product before blow-drying, ironing, or curling your hair.

Next time you are at Paris Claire Salon, ask your stylist what collection of products is best for your hair type. We carry a wide range of Kérastase products for all different hair types and hair issues.With the right products and practices, you can have a good hair day every day.

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