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How to Save Your Hair from Strong Summertime Sun

You wouldn’t dare step out into the Florida sun without some form of sun protection your skin (i.e., sunscreen, moisturizer with SPF, makeup with SPF, etc.)—but, have you considered what harsh UVA/UVB sun rays can do to your hair and scalp?

Summer is sneaking in, and soon South Florida will feel the constant blast of high heat humidity. But who says you can’t have fabulous hair despite Mother Nature’s attempt to frizz, flatten, and dry your hair out on a daily basis?

The same way that applying sunscreen isn’t by any means difficult, neither is saving your hair from intense summertime sun. Let us show you how.

Step 1: Get a fresh summertime haircut

Start summer off right with a fresh haircut! Taking care of healthy hair is easier than trying to fix damaged hair. Chop off those split ends and let us lighten up the load of your hair! There’s nothing better than that airy feel of a fresh haircut, especially when the temperature outside is rising every day.

Step 2: Don’t over-wash your hair

The sun is great at drying out your hair and scalp. Over-washing your hair (washing every day or even multiple times a day) will only add to that dryness, which can also cause your scalp to become itchy and flaky. However, playing in the summer sun might make you want to wash your hair more, especially if you sweat or go in a pool or the ocean.

The solution?

Dry shampoo! Paris Claire Salon’s signature Freshen Up dry shampoo will become your best friend this summer.

Step 3: Protect Your Hair and Scalp with SPF

You might think that your hair protects your scalp from the sun, but that’s not entirely true. While you might not be able to see visible signs of sun damage to your scalp because of your hair, it’s just as important to protect that skin from the sun as the rest of the skin on your body.

Fortunately, there are plenty of hair products (leave-in conditioners, oils, sprays, etc.) that contain SPF, including our marula and grapeseed conditioner.

If you aren’t going to apply SFP to your hair and scalp, it’s a good idea to wear a hat or headscarf if you plan on being out in the sun this summer.

Step 4: Reduce Using Heated Tools

There is no better time to go al natural than the easy breezy season of summer! Give your hair a break from high heat hairdryers, curlers, and flatirons, even if it’s just a day or two a week.

Step 5: Treat Your Hair to a Weekly Treatment

Regardless of the season, weekly treatments are vital to maintaining healthy, happy, shiny, resilient, and beautiful hair. A weekly clarifying shampoo and deep conditioning mask should definitely be part of your summertime arsenal.

Our signature clarifying shampoo, apple cider and pectin shampoo, and miracle leave-in conditioner can unlock locks that will make any mermaid or merman jealous!

Follow us on Instagram for a month of fantastic product recommendations and reviews to help you have the best hair day every day this summer!

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